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5 Innovative Uses for iPads in Business

The iPad revolution has already transformed many people’s digital organization skills and satiates the need to quickly look up information at moment’s notice. As we roll into the third year, we can’t help but notice the tablet’s acceptance into the business world. These innovations can be seen anywhere from the retail floor all the way up to the boardroom. Check out how some companies are integrating these technologies into their businesses.


Personal Digital Assistant

This is definitely the great-grand son of the PDAs from our pasts. These lightweight, internet connected devices follow us everywhere we go, without forgetting to remind us of where and what we need to do next. Be sure to take advantage of services like Apple’s iCloud or Google Apps to store all your emails, contacts calendars and documents in the cloud. It may seem like a gift by getting iPads for your entire staff, but think about the cost of shutting down your entire company just to sit around a table. If video conferencing and having voice dictation notes automatically recording both text and audio is the conference room of the future, then the future is today. And it is pretty nifty!


Point of Sales (POS) Register

Bringing the register to the client, now that’s customer service! Also think of all the time spent on training someone on how to use those colored number pads, or archaic DOS programs just to ring up a sale.

The easiest way is to attach a card swipe directly to your iPad (or smartphone). Providers such as SquareUp, Intuit’s GoPaymentVeriFone’s Payware, and PayPal’s recently announced PayPal Here make it easy to use your iPad as a POS. They even go beyond most POS systems by including emailed invoices, sales reporting and the capability for the purchaser to add a tip or donation if it’s applicable.


Remote Computer and File Access

Log into your Mac or PC quickly with full screen controls by using a services like LogMeIn or VNC. While both of these offer very similar capabilities, the VNC takes a little bit more effort to setup initially, where as LogMeIn comes with a small monthly fee for the super easy configurations and additional features. The VNC route provides you with a lot of different options, and is completely free if you are even just slightly technically inclined.

This will get you into the front door, but if you want to go deeper you should also add on a file management service like iCloud, DropBox, or SugarSync . Most of these come with a free or at least trial account, and will automatically sync your documents, photos, and business assets in the cloud. This makes sharing files within the company extremely easy, and reduces all those cluttered folders on your desktop that you will never get around to sorting.


 Sales Catalog, Portfolio or Service Offerings

Unless you can speak as fast as that man from the Micro Machines commercials in the 80s, you probably won’t be nearly as effective as your iPad on this one. Even if you are not available to help a customer or client, you can affix your tablet on display for them to browse or find exactly what they are looking for by the time you return. You can also just as easily wrap this nicely in an app for distribution, which will let people share their favorite products, photos or content and grow your exposure with their sphere of influence.

This is where beautiful photography pays off with the iPad’s crisp, colorful screen. You can quickly showcase your full product lines, examples of your work and even scroll through user reviews and testimonials with your fingertips.


Taking Inventory and Collecting Data

This is applicable for just about every business out there, and is one of the most tedious tasks to boot. We’ve used it at every event we attend to collect emails for our newsletter with great success. It seems people still like to communicate (even if just one-way) with people they have met face-to-face. But you don’t have to limit yourself just to personal information, you can have surveys for feedback, giveaways at tradeshows and even get fancy wih qr codes so they can take the information with them when they go. The limited camera quality still hasn’t made it the ultimate inventory system, but there are still some great options for managing your inventory through barcodes and SKUs.


Let us know if you have any business ideas for using the iPad in your workplace.


The 7 Secrets to More Retweets

Getting retweeted is a great way to start a dialouge with your friends & followers, and helps to gauge your wordsmith-ing skills.

The character limit may lend itself to the need for one to use abbreviations and short speak. Tweets with clean grammar and a catchy headline have the highest potential for being retweeted.

These recommendations will help you find which combination works best for your audience. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement if you are confident in what you know.


  1. Use a Twitter Share button on your website: If you are using WordPress or Tumblr, simply add the widget for your site. For those who are going the custom or manual route can easily generate the code on Twitter’s website:
  2. Don’t Feel Ashamed to Repost Your Best Tweets: There are hundreds of thousands of tweets shared on a daily basis. It is easy for something you spent a fair amount of your time formulating to go completely unnoticed. When you repost something, be sure to revise and improve upon it slightly to see it perhaps you could appeal to your readers with a different angle.
  3. Mind Your Manners: Simply saying “thank you” or aknolwedging people that retweet you often will encourage this social behavior.
  4. Easy reading is damn hard writing: (Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne) When you can’t think of something clever, you can find a seemingly unlimited amount of inspiration or motiiation quotes online.
  5. Trending Topics are Trendy For a Reason: The most amount of eyeballs available at any given time are available to trendy topics. Jumping on the proverbial bandwagon will give your tweet greater exposure.
  6. Use Link Shortening Services: Websites like and make it easy to copy and paste your links. is the defacto link shortening service, and will improve your click through rate by using it’s reputable name.
  7. Don’t Max Out Your 144: Leave some space for your @RT links to fit when someone Retweets you. If possible more space will let them add their witty snippet before they pass the Tweet along

I encourage you to try something creative with your next Tweet incorporating one of the Twitter tricks. You might surprise yourself with your own intellect!

Facebook Timeline Quick Guide

Facebook announced this past September that they were going to roll out a new “Timeline” look for Facebook. Seems like they are continuously keeping users on their toes by changing things when you’re not looking. It was supposed be released in September, then November, then December. We’ve had a chance to play around with it and here are our thoughts
and tips.


  • The layout is much like a scrapbook and displays your life from the time you joined Facebook. Once you make the switch to the new Timeline layout, make sure to go through and delete any post you might not want anyone to see. Some posts you had hidden before more than likely will be shown on the wall for all to see.
  • NO MORE LANDING PAGES!  When we explain the main feature changes to clients, one of the biggest complaint is the removal of the default landing tab. We used this landing tab to create custom landing page for fans and non-fans using an iFrame, an opt-in newsletter box, run contests and give fans a reason to join the Facebook fan page.
  • With the new Timeline design, you get a rather large area called the “cover image” at the top of your page. Who knows you may not even miss the landing tab disappearance with this piece of prime real estate that is always visible to fans and non-fans. When designing a new cover image make sure to keep in mind that the dimensions are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high.
  • No more Facebook landing pages but you can still have the custom tabs
  • Take a peek at what your Facebook fan page will look like before March 30th.
  • App Showcase – Your tabs have not dissappeared… they have just migrated to a section below your large cover image. Your ‘tabs’ are now displayed as apps or views. You have a limit of 12 apps and only four are always displayed. The first one is always Photos and cannot be moved. ‘Views’ are Facebook’s default apps or features such as Photos, Events, Likes, Notes, Map. Apps are all third party apps.
  • Custom App Photo – Creating your own app image is easy!  The dimensions are 111 x 74 pixels. To add/change a custom thumbnail, first expand all apps by clicking the small down arrow to the right of the four app display. Then hover over any app > click the edit pencil > click Edit Settings > click Change next to Custom Tab Image (opens in a new window) > click Change > upload an image. The image loads and saves right away.
  • Pinning Posts – Another new feature is that any post made by the Page can be pinned the top of the wall for up to 7 days. This is a great way to keep highlighed things at the top while continuously updating to your fans.  Be sure to rotate the pins so that you keep things fresh!
  • Highlight Wall Posts – Fan Page Admins can make any wall post as double wide… meaning the post spreads across both columns of the Timeline.  To do this, hover over a post and click the star icon to highlight.


Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Guideline

We’ve come across some really great Facebook Timeline cover photos. We would like to share with you the samples we liked and how we customized our own. See our tips below:

Your Facebook Cover Image

Dimensions for the large cover image is 851 x 315 pixels. If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will get stretched to this larger size. The image you upload must be at least 399 pixels wide. Facebook encourages you to change your cover image as often as you wish. Newsflash: each time you change your cover image, this posts on to your wall and goes out into the news feed of your fans.

Square Profile picture

Your profile picture is always a square and is displayed at 125 x 125 pixels or 150 x 150 pixels, depending on the size of someone’s screen. The photo you upload must be at least 180 x 180 pixels. Facebook discourage page owners from changing their profile picture that often. This is the primary, instantly-recognizable image that tracks you throughout Facebook wherever your posts go and wherever you comment as your Page.

Saladworks Franchise


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1941 Packard Ad

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Mimi Bates Artist

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Peptide Technologies, Inc.

Hoover Dam

Peptide Technologies Inc Peptide Technologies Inc peptide-technologies-logo Peptide Technologies Inc

Top 10 Tips On How To Go Paperless In 2012

You most likely already pay bills online and also get various account statements electronically.  However, we’d like to do our part to protect innocent trees and help people save money by going  paperless. Here are some of the top tips for going paperless in 2012:

the giving tree cover

  1. Pay your bills online – Save money on stamps and set automatic monthly payments instead of using paper to pay your bills.
  2. Send electronic newsletters – Great way to stay in touch with your customers is to send weekly/monthly promotions and updates on company happenings.
  3. Download books – Save your bookshelf for candles and decor… download electronic books or audio books directly from services like Amazon and Audible.
  4. Electronic notes – Smart phones come equiped with note pads and better yet cloud based apps such as Evernote and Dropbox.
  5. Sign up for electronic statements – Banks, Utilities, Insurance, Mortagae, etc. Doing this will ensure you’ll never receive a mailed paper statement.
  6. Get a scanner – Why have piles of paper when you can transfer data paper to your PC. Better yet, scan all of those business cards into a program and get one touch access to your contacts.
  7. If you must print – use 100% post-consumer recyled paper and set your printer default for double-siding printing.
  8. Send email, e-Fax and e-Signature – Signing documents via EchoSign and DocuSign saves time, printing and cost of mailing.
  9. Read your morning paper online – Who wants dirty fingers when you can easily scan news online. Plus, you can set Google Alerts to send specific topics directly to your email.
  10. Use recycled grocery bags – Across the country, cities and counties are instituting fees on plastic bags and even banning them outright. In an effort to help the environment and your company with the new January 2012 paper bag ban ordinance, please accept our Comatica recycled grocery bag.

Comatica at 2011 Monterey Car Week

Events attended by Comatica


Thursday Night: Lamborghini Welcome Back Dinner sponsored by Cats Exotics

Every year LCA hosts a welcome back dinner held at Laguna Seca Gold Course Clubhouse, where Concorso Italiano is held the following day.  For the 2nd year in a row, the Italian Stampede pulled their reins in and the pack converged at Laguna Seca.  It is a perfect end to a long day out on the road.  Celebrating the safe arrival of the Italian Stampede, good friends, good food and great Lamborghini camaraderie.  If you have never attended LCA’s welcome back dinner, be sure to check it out next year.  You do not need to own a Lamborghini to join the Lamborghini Club America or attend any of the events.  LCA invites passionate car enthusiasts alike to join and attend events.  See you out there next year!!



Friday: Concorso Italiano Exotic concours event

“A celebration of Italian style, Concorso Italiano embraces all cultural elements of Italian style, such as music, cuisine, fashion and travel tourism.  The event is centered around as many as 1,200 collectible Italian automobiles, motorcycles, and boats. Non-Italian exotic and classic automobiles are also welcomed and represent a significant contingency as well. The Concorso emphasizes display and appreciation over competition and although the cars are truly magnificent, this event is not just about cars; it’s about people too; widely recognized as a fun yet sophisticated event where you can really enjoy yourself!


Friday Night: Stratus Media Event Mille Miglia North America Tribute

A live entertainment company that announced and celebrated the launch of the North America Mille Miglia auto rally.  Friday night event was at a private estate tucked away in Carmel’s elite back hills.  The house was decorated with eclectic Morocan decor, hand carved wood pillars, equisite kitchen cabinet details, and full size bear fur everywhere.  For entertainment there was a Cirque arobatic trapeze girl twirling the night away.  Any and all vices were satisfied…. cigar roller, wine, champagne and delicious hors d’oeuvres.  For more photos of the Stratus Media Event click here



Friday Night: Aston Martin Estate VIP Party

After the Stratus Media event Comatica hustled it over to the Aston Martin VIP party where Dr. Ulrich Bez and Aston Martin team unveiled the One-77.  We enjoyed the live music, hors d’oeuvres, desserts and signature Snake Oil Cocktails.  After ogling over the Zagato and One-77 wasn’t, we were able to take them for a test drive in the CXC simulators.  Thanks for a great end to the evening Aston Martin!  For more photos of the Aston Martin Estate Event click here


Saturday: Pasadera Country Club

The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 was on display on Saturday at the Pasadera Country Club and available to drive for invited guests only. Included in the people that stopped by to see the Avendators in matte black, matte white and our favorite arancio argos were heavy pocket potential buyers, Sir Mix-Alot and Jay Leno.  For more photos of the Aventador Test Drive click here



Saturday Night: Lamborghini Club America Awards Dinner sponsored by Lamborghini San Francisco

A Lamborghini Club organization banquet dinner held at Rancho Canada Country Club where awards are presented for Lamborghinis judged at Concorso Italiano.  Guests were greeted with a Champagne reception from Jean Charles Boisset, everyone mixed and mingled with passed hors d’oeuvres and then dined on dinner while awards were presented by Andrew Romanowski, President of LCA.


Comatica’s Journey with the Lexus IS Precision Tour


Comatica was hired by ASV to take a journey with the Lexus IS Precision tour covering close to 6k miles across the U.S. taking them from:

– Auto Club Speedway – Fontana, CA
– Infineon Raceway – Sonoma, CA
– Texas Motor Speedway – Ft. Worth, TX
– Palm Beach International Raceway – Jupiter, FL
– Chicago Autobahn – Joliet, IL
– Monticello Motor Club – Monticello, NY


Overview – The 2011 Lexus IS Precision Tour consisted of a six (6) week complementary event for guests to attend, giving them the opportunity to get up close and personal with the LFA supercar and compete to win a spot in Speed TV’s Dream Ride.

Objective – Comatica worked with ASV to fulfill an “out of the box” solution for their client Team One. Team One is a division of Saatchi & Saatchi, a full-service marketing communications agency that successfully launched and introduced the Lexus brand.

Campaign – Lexus held a “ride and drive” IS Precision Tour in several locations across the country. In doing ride and drive events, Lexus gathers powerful selling data, learning tools, helps build the Lexus brand image and increases sales and service. To build a more memorable event, Comatica first identified Lexus’ current tactics as well as developed ASV team’s knowledge on viral video, car camera systems and wireless integration. Detailed discussions about the brand were followed by an in-depth round table to identify core strategies.

Implementation – Comatica researched applicable equipment and identified a solution using software and systems never before integrated. Both systems were tested and worked properly. This allowed for video viral marketing and real-time wireless viewing at each track for guests that did not get to ride in the LFA Supercar.

Comatica created a personalized Lexus LFA in-car video dash overlay, configured both systems (video and wireless) to work with one another, setup the wireless network at every track and provided video editing.

Results – Due to the great feedback, Lexus agency and executives decided to extended the tour to another track, Monticello, New York. Comatica was invited to participate in the last media and executives track day. Comatica is currently editing all the video footage to create an IS Precision Tour trailer. Visit YouTube to view and check out their journey from all the tracks.



About Lexus, ASV and Comatica

Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota Motor Corporation, is sold globally and is Japan’s largest-selling make of premium cars. Lexus has makes and models that fit within every automotive category. Lexus recently launched hybrid vehicle and two (2) high performance vehicles; the Lexus ISF and the US$375,000 Lexus LFA supercar.

ASV is a boutique full-service exhibit company based out of Torrance, CA, founded in 1988. Their specialties include experiential marketing, event planning & execution and more. ASV creates impactful product displays, organize gala events, engaging brand experiences and provide a full range of services in car prep.

Comatica is progressive interactive media agency comprised of hand-picked passionate group of marketeers, creative minds and techsperts, pushing the boundaries of online marketing and web development. Comatica was hired to develop and execute a tailored wireless video stream, in-car telemetry solution and manage video transference.

Rolls Royce Newport European Event

On March 24th Laura Lindstrom and Joy Loo put together a client appreciation event for Rolls Royce.

It was an evening of elegance with Bo Cigar’s and Glenmorangie 18 year old pairing, live jazz music by Matt Cusson and a catered affair with refreshments and food provided Cameron Hughes Wine.

Guests started arriving and checking in at 5pm and were greeted in the main showroom with a display of beauty.  The Phantoms, Drophead Coupe and Ghosts were semi distracting but was a perfect backdrop for guests wine tasting and having hors d’oeuvres.  The Jay’s catered food display was a spread of European & domestic cheeses, artisan breads & crackers, Parmesan crusted crab dip, assorted vege platter, hummus trios and more assorted finger foods.

On site from Cameron Hughes Wine was Jessica Kogan Co-Founder and CFO.  They had displays in the main showroom and the second Spyker showroom.  Any where you walked that night had something for everyone… the last showroom houses Newport European’s pre-owned vehicles hosted a beautiful display of Glenmorangie 18 Year Old single malt Scotch whiskey pairing with Bo’s on-site cigar roller.

Newport European Motorcars really knows how to throw a client appreciation event.  Three rooms filled with something for everyone… jazz music ambiance, assorted yummy food, wine and Scotch wiskey tasting, cigar rolling and prizes to top off the night.

Door prize sponsors for the evening was a delectably irresistible treat from CandyCakes, private cooking lessons from I Want to Cook, Interior Design Consultation from HomeDetailz Ducks autographed jersey from Orange County Register and Cameron Hughes Wine glasses and opener.

When asked when the next event will be, Roger Fletcher, General Manager of Newport European said “We’ll be having more of these events this year.  An exact date has not been set as of yet, but we are planning for sometime in June.”

Let’s hope we all get an invite to this next event!  To see photos of the event CLICK HERE!

Lexus IS Precision Tour

Ecotech Energy Group

Italian Stampede Rally

OC Local iPad App

Coastline Car Classic


Women’s Jewelry Association