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The 7 Secrets to More Retweets

Getting retweeted is a great way to start a dialouge with your friends & followers, and helps to gauge your wordsmith-ing skills.

The character limit may lend itself to the need for one to use abbreviations and short speak. Tweets with clean grammar and a catchy headline have the highest potential for being retweeted.

These recommendations will help you find which combination works best for your audience. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement if you are confident in what you know.


  1. Use a Twitter Share button on your website: If you are using WordPress or Tumblr, simply add the widget for your site. For those who are going the custom or manual route can easily generate the code on Twitter’s website:
  2. Don’t Feel Ashamed to Repost Your Best Tweets: There are hundreds of thousands of tweets shared on a daily basis. It is easy for something you spent a fair amount of your time formulating to go completely unnoticed. When you repost something, be sure to revise and improve upon it slightly to see it perhaps you could appeal to your readers with a different angle.
  3. Mind Your Manners: Simply saying “thank you” or aknolwedging people that retweet you often will encourage this social behavior.
  4. Easy reading is damn hard writing: (Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne) When you can’t think of something clever, you can find a seemingly unlimited amount of inspiration or motiiation quotes online.
  5. Trending Topics are Trendy For a Reason: The most amount of eyeballs available at any given time are available to trendy topics. Jumping on the proverbial bandwagon will give your tweet greater exposure.
  6. Use Link Shortening Services: Websites like and make it easy to copy and paste your links. is the defacto link shortening service, and will improve your click through rate by using it’s reputable name.
  7. Don’t Max Out Your 144: Leave some space for your @RT links to fit when someone Retweets you. If possible more space will let them add their witty snippet before they pass the Tweet along

I encourage you to try something creative with your next Tweet incorporating one of the Twitter tricks. You might surprise yourself with your own intellect!

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