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Facebook Timeline Quick Guide

Facebook announced this past September that they were going to roll out a new “Timeline” look for Facebook. Seems like they are continuously keeping users on their toes by changing things when you’re not looking. It was supposed be released in September, then November, then December. We’ve had a chance to play around with it and here are our thoughts
and tips.


  • The layout is much like a scrapbook and displays your life from the time you joined Facebook. Once you make the switch to the new Timeline layout, make sure to go through and delete any post you might not want anyone to see. Some posts you had hidden before more than likely will be shown on the wall for all to see.
  • NO MORE LANDING PAGES!  When we explain the main feature changes to clients, one of the biggest complaint is the removal of the default landing tab. We used this landing tab to create custom landing page for fans and non-fans using an iFrame, an opt-in newsletter box, run contests and give fans a reason to join the Facebook fan page.
  • With the new Timeline design, you get a rather large area called the “cover image” at the top of your page. Who knows you may not even miss the landing tab disappearance with this piece of prime real estate that is always visible to fans and non-fans. When designing a new cover image make sure to keep in mind that the dimensions are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high.
  • No more Facebook landing pages but you can still have the custom tabs
  • Take a peek at what your Facebook fan page will look like before March 30th.
  • App Showcase – Your tabs have not dissappeared… they have just migrated to a section below your large cover image. Your ‘tabs’ are now displayed as apps or views. You have a limit of 12 apps and only four are always displayed. The first one is always Photos and cannot be moved. ‘Views’ are Facebook’s default apps or features such as Photos, Events, Likes, Notes, Map. Apps are all third party apps.
  • Custom App Photo – Creating your own app image is easy!  The dimensions are 111 x 74 pixels. To add/change a custom thumbnail, first expand all apps by clicking the small down arrow to the right of the four app display. Then hover over any app > click the edit pencil > click Edit Settings > click Change next to Custom Tab Image (opens in a new window) > click Change > upload an image. The image loads and saves right away.
  • Pinning Posts – Another new feature is that any post made by the Page can be pinned the top of the wall for up to 7 days. This is a great way to keep highlighed things at the top while continuously updating to your fans.  Be sure to rotate the pins so that you keep things fresh!
  • Highlight Wall Posts – Fan Page Admins can make any wall post as double wide… meaning the post spreads across both columns of the Timeline.  To do this, hover over a post and click the star icon to highlight.